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With less than three months until MCC Feszt returns to Esztergom, we are excited to reveal some of the names who will step on the stage on August 1-3rd. For both our musical, academic, and cultural performances, we have brought only the best of the best!

For our musical performers, we have already announced Tankcsapda, Neoton Família, Majka, ValMar and T. Danny, but we are happy to reveal that some other great musicians like the Szekler indie band 4s Street, Eurovision finalist NOX, and the Roma Music ensamble Parno Graszt will perform at MCC Feszt. The diverse nature of our musical performers ensures MCC Feszt is a place for all generations, backgrounds, and musical tastes. 

We're also excited to announce that numerous international experts, leaders, and trendsetters will be participating in various discussions, debates, and presentations. Among them, Chris Rufo will address the increasingly politicized landscape of education. Renowned for his efforts in the United States advocating against activism in classrooms, particularly the incorporation of Critical Race Theory into curricula, Mr. Rufo has garnered significant attention. Notably, he played a pivotal role in uncovering widespread plagiarism by Harvard University's president, Claudine Gay, leading to her subsequent public resignation.

Representing the Indian viewpoint, esteemed author and foreign policy expert C. Raja Mohan will be joining MCC Feszt. Offering a unique perspective from the world's most populous country, Mohan's expertise spans from foreign policy to nuclear physics and grand strategy. His insights provide invaluable understanding into global affairs and are highly recommended for those seeking to understand how the world works.

From South America, we are welcoming Sarah Huff, whose almost miraculous transformation from radical feminist to a conservative catholic traditionalist is a story worth listening to. Her most recent high-profile position was coordinator of maternity policies at the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights in Brazil under the Bolsonaro administration. 

Finally, we can reveal that Bernard Yeung will join MCC Feszt as well. Born in Hong Kong, schooled in Canada, Naturalized in the United States, and Dean of a Singapore Business school, Dr. Yeung's life embodies the international nature and outlook he has brought to his extensive and inspring business career. Professor Yeung has published widely cited work in top-tier academic journals covering finance, economics, strategy, and international business. He has more than 32,000 citations. For those wishing the best economic, financial, and business advice, don't miss his panel! 

These are just a few of the names who will be joining us in Esztergom on August 1-3. Tickets sell out fast, so don't hesitate to buy your tickets now!