What is MCC?

About Mathias Corvinus Collegium 

MCC Feszt is organized and run by Mathias Corvinus Collegium, Hungary’s largest extracurricular educational institution and research center. Founded in 1996, MCC provides unique educational opportunities to Hungarian students throughout the Carpathian Basin, from primary to the postdoctoral level. It is our mission to take the best and brightest Hungarian students and equip them with the knowledge and opportunities necessary to transform them into the future leaders of Hungary and Europe. Through our programs, we complement the traditional educational system by providing classes, seminars, and workshops on subjects which students won’t regularly encounter in their educational journey.

The Collegium also serves as a leading research center, hosting 6 research institutes dedicated to researching important and crucial topics facing Europe like migration, climate policy, and youth culture. Their research has helped shape public debate in Hungary and Europe.

While our headquarters is in Budapest, we have centers which host our activities throughout Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, with additional centers in Brussels and Vienna. Although our primary focus is educating the next generation of Hungarian leaders, MCC intentionally cultivates an international environment at its events and regularly organizes English-language events and classes.

Currently, MCC has 7,000 students across 28 cities in the Carpathian Basin, with a goal of 10,000 students and 35 locations within the next few years.

You can learn more about MCC and our activities through our website.

Why MCC Feszt?

While it might seem strange that an educational institution like MCC would sponsor and launch a large-scale festival, we view MCC Feszt as the culmination of our vision. At our institution, we encourage our students to not only improve their education but also use the unique framework of MCC to build a community of like-minded friends and colleagues. Thus, MCC Feszt, which brings together our students and the public, serves as the ultimate knowledge hub.

Furthermore, the unique panels and discussions present at MCC Feszt throughout the day provide students with unique opportunities to learn about a variety of topics. We heartily believe that students learn best when they are having fun, and MCC Feszt provides a complementary dose of fun and knowledge.

MCC Feszt also helps increase public awareness of the Collegium, its activities, and its mission, spreading awareness of the countless activities we offer to our students, their families, and local communities.

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