About the Festival

Since beginning in 2021, MCC Feszt has quickly become one of the most popular and dynamic festivals in Hungary. While music festivals are quite common in Hungary and Europe, MCC Feszt stands out because music is only part of the formula which makes the festival truly one-of-a-kind.

The three-day festival also offers a variety of public workshops, panels, and debates. From topics covering international relations to society, culture, and religion, MCC Feszt provides its visitors with a diverse range of discussions for them to join. Last year, MCC Feszt featured a varied roster of events, ranging from conversations on the Russian-Ukrainian War to the secret of baking good bread.

Although the festival's musical talent is primarily Hungarian, our panels routinely feature international guests, making MCC Feszt, and the conversations it encourages, a global affair. It is our goal to provide a unique learning experience for Hungarian and international visitors of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Our festival also offers the ever-growing Edu Promenade, which features stands of various civic, public, and religious organizations. also, a variety of activities to be found at each stand, it is not just a place to learn more about the organizations building a better Hungary and Europe, it is also great place to have fun with friends and family.

While the panels, workshops, and stands are free to attend, our 'MCC Island', where most of the musical performances take place, can only be attended with a Feszt pass which can be purchased here.

For guests who wish to stay in Esztergom for the entirety of the festival there are several accommodation options. For our more adventurous visitors, we offer tickets to our exclusive camping grounds. For those wishing to stay indoors, Esztergom has several hotels which can be booked, but we encourage reserving your room as soon as possible since most hotels sell out by the festival.

Last year, more than 40,000 visitors enjoyed the magic of MCC Feszt. This year, we look forward to having you join us for this memorable experience on August 1-3, 2024.



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