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Roma Talent Program

MCC’s Roma Talent Programme has been designed as a complementary course to formal education, supporting secondary school and university level students.

The Roma Talent Programme offering support to the young Roma was launched in the autumn of 2018 with support from the Ministry of Human Capacities. The intensive MCC program complementing traditional education aims to reach out to Roma secondary school and university students and to support them in making their career choice, passing their entrance exam,s and obtaining a degree.The students participating in this free Programme attend foreign language courses close to their residence and can further extend their knowledge and develop their skills at sessions organized every two weeks. The Programme involves personal mentoring and building a strong community where Roma students would also support each other in the course of their future careers. We organize summer camps for the youth and provide computing devices for their studies with transferring the property rights to such devices upon the successful completion of the first year of the Programme. In addition to the traditional ways of imparting knowledge necessary for their success, we also use the methods of drama pedagogy and personality development in teaching students. We believe that a supportive approach, community experience and skill development help in reducing social disparities.



We reserve the right to change the program.

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