Who are we?

Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) started its talent nurturing activities 25 years ago. Through its programs, it offers development opportunities to the most talented young Hungarians, regardless of their financial situation, from elementary school through university years to postgraduate studies.

The pillars of the MCC's talent development activities are the Young Talent Program for elementary school students, the High School Program focusing on the education of high school students, the University Program, and the subsequent postgraduate and postdoctoral programs.

MCC starts where traditional education ends: our programs go beyond the conventional school system and provide knowledge that our students can make use of in their own educational institutions.

The MCC Feszt initiative is based on a similar logic: we wanted to create an event that goes beyond a traditional festival. It offers not only popular music programs, but rather a community experience based on values, with exciting debates of public interest, interactive programs.

Currently, MCC has made its educational programs free in 24 cities in the Carpathian Basin (15 Hungarian cities and 9 cities abroad). From September 1, 2022 the institution is going to offer education for 5,550 students, and in the span of a few years, up to 10,000 students will be able to participate in MCC’s programs.

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