Who are we?

MCC is a talent institution and a knowledge hub that serves as a point of reference for all Hungarians. It builds on tradition, serves the community and the country, and educates open-minded young people with a patriotic mindset and a realistic approach to the world, thus contributing to shaping the thinking of future generations. Aware of the challenges facing Hungarians in the 21st century, our goal is to provide pro bono education and training to all young talents.

25 Years in Service to Hungarian Talent Promotion

MCC began promoting youth talent 25 years ago and believes it is of vital public interest. The Hungarian Parliament has acknowledged MCC's effectiveness and provided huge endowments to fund talent-fostering activities throughout the Carpathian Basin. MCC aims to extend its reach by improving training programs and making them more widely available. With a renewed program launched in 2020, MCC is set to become the leading youth talent institution in the region.

MCC Starts Where Conventional Education Ends

MCC provides free and high-quality training programs, manages intellectual output, and offers educational opportunities for all ages to support young talent. MCC is complementary to public education and higher education institutions, providing personalized and small group work tailored to individual interests. MCC also has a career office, provides scholarships, and aims to build a strong alumni system.

Building in the Countryside and Abroad

MCC empowers young people to reach their full potential, providing free education with top instructors regardless of their situation. Currently, MCC has 7 000 students across 24 cities in the Carpathian Basin, with a goal of 10 000 in the next five years in 35 Hungarian inhabited settlements. MCC also renovates historic buildings for talent development activities and opened its first center in Western Europe in 2022: MCC Brussels.

Ideologically Independent but Not Value-Neutral

MCC helps young Hungarians reach their potential and contribute to their communities, regardless of background. Our aim is to prepare a patriotic generation with skills in foreign languages and international experience, who can confidently represent Hungary in global competition and participate in national and international decisions. They will also contribute to public dialogue and become part of Hungary's cultural, economic, and social elite.


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