From Imagination to Reality: The Cities of the Future

Public discussions
5:00 PM–6:00 PM
MOL Mainstage

The American urban studies theorist, the American multiple-award-winning technology leader and the Franco-Colombian scientist and specialist in intelligent control of complex systems will talk about the city of the future, the smart city and how the so-called data governance will affect the cities and life of their inhabitants. Further interesting topics are the rise of start-up cities, the 15-minute cities, the creative class as a social class and also the cities in the post-COVID world, about what Richard Florida, Jonathan Reichental és Carlos Moreno will exchange their thoughts during the one-hour discussion.

Richard Florida
Amerikai várostudományi szakember
Dr.Jonathan Reichental.jpg
Dr. Jonathan Reichental
Informatikai vezető
Carlos Moreno
Francia-kolumbiai tudós, egyetemi professzor


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