The Conflict Between Brussels and Hungary Explained

Public discussions
11:00 AM–12:00 PM
Katona Stage
The language of the event: english

Hungarians are happy to be Europeans, but many Europeans are unhappy with Hungary. Accusations reach from corruption to disregarding human rights and the rule of law. Is this a fair reaction to Hungary’s „conservative revolution“ since 2010? Or rather a consequence of ignorance and prejudice?

Patzelt 1x1.jpg
Professor Werner Josef Patzelt
Research Director of MCC Brussels
Frawley 1x1.jpg
Dr. Ashley Frawley
Associate Professor of Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy at University of Swansea
Bill 1x1.jpg
Professor William John Louis Victor Durodie
Chair of Risk and Security in International Relations, The University of Bath
Miklós Szánthó
Director General of Center for Fundamental Rights
image (87).png
Rodrigo Ballester
Head of the Center for European Studies, MCC


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