Geopolitical Realities in a Changing World

Public discussions
4:45 PM–5:45 PM
MOL Main Stage
The language of the event: english

While the post-war global order has largely survived to this day, new powers are emerging and demanding international institutions adapt to accommodate their rising power. The changing dynamics in the geopolitical landscape is leading to a new "great game" of competition between major powers that is rife with risk of confrontation and deadly miscalculation, but also provides opportunity for countries and private actors nimble enough to adapt. This discussion will explore the implications of these changes for global governance and how countries and actors can manage global competition.

Karalekas 1x1.jpg
Dr. Dean Karalekas
Affiliated research fellow, Centre of Austronesian Studies, University of Central Lancashire
friedman 1x1.jpg
Benjamin Friedman
Policy Director, Defense Priorities
hume 1x1.jpg
Michael Hume
English journalist
pappin 1x1.jpg
Gladden J. Pappin, PhD
President of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs
Attila Demkó
Security Policy Expert, Head of the Center for Geopolitics School of International Relations, MCC


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