After AI: Changes to Creative Fields

Public discussions
2:45 PM–3:45 PM
Rákóczi Square Stage
The language of the event: english

The discussion will explore topics such as the potential of generative AI to change the way we create and experience art, the ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in creative industries, and the skills and capabilities needed to handle generative AI in academia. Our panelists will take on this new wave of AI and seek to explain it’s background, development, and potential consequences of this newly widespread technology.

Professor Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
Research Professor, CSIC (Spanish National Research Council)
martin ford 1x1.jpg
Martin Ford
Consulting expert, Societe Generale - Rise of the Robots
Adam Somlai-Fischer
Founder of Prezi, media artist
alkonyi 1x1.jpg
Zalán Alkonyi
MCC International Relations Coordinator


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