From the Book to the Screen: The Digitalizing Future of Reading

Public discussions
1:15 PM–2:15 PM
Katona Stage
The language of the event: hungarian

Explore the digital transformation of reading with our experts in this exciting panel on the digitilization of reading. 

Our panelists will share their experiences, insights, and opinions on how technology is transforming the reading experience. Issues such as the social and cultural impact of the rise of e-books, changing reader behaviour and preferences, and the importance of reader community platforms will be highlighted. 

This discussion is going to be held in Hungarian.

Bencsik 1x1.jpg
Gábor Bencsik
Author, journalist, chief editor of the Hungarian Democrat and the Hungarian Chronicle
Pölcz 1x1.jpg
Dr. Ádám Pölcz
Linguist, Assistant Professor, Head of Programme Office, ELTE Faculty of Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education, Petőfi Cultural Agency
erős kinga 1x1.jpg
Kinga Erős
Critic, President of the Hungarian Writers Association
giczi 1x1.jpg
András Béla Giczi
Head of MCC Library


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