The Renaissance of Bread - Is Bread Baking for Everyone?

Public discussions
5:00 PM–6:00 PM
Katona Stage
The language of the event: hungarian

This fun discussion will give you the opportunity to explore the art of baking bread, discover the joy of home-baking, and uncover the secrets of good baking. Our food experts will discuss the growth of artisan bakeries and the return of people home-baking their own bread. Discover the world of passionate baking and get inspired to bake your own bread at home! 

This discussion is going to be held in Hungarian.

Szabadfi 1x1.jpg
Szabolcs Szabadfi
Artisan baker, entrepreneur, Panificio il Basilico
Mester 1x1 .jpg
Miklós Mester
Owner, PANO Budapest
ifj bott 1x1.jpg
Jr. Frigyes Bott
I'm Frigyes Bott, founder and creator of Bott Bakery, launched in 2020.
bereznay 1x1.jpg
Tamás Bereznay
pál 1x1.jpg
Emese Pál PhD
Head of Professional Coordination, MCC


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