The Fintech Wizards: The Power of Digitalisation in the Financial Sector

Public discussions
2:45 PM–3:45 PM
Katona Stage
The language of the event: hungarian

How will the digital revolution change the financial sector? In this panel of leading financial experts, this and other questions will be answered. Furthermore, the panel will explain the role of innovations driven by digital payment systems, peer-to-peer lending, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in transforming the financial world. 

Other exciting topics will be discussed ranging from digital banking, robo-advisors and online investment platforms, the growing importance of cryptocurrencies, and decentralised financial solutions.  

This discussion is going to be held in Hungarian.

Fáykiss 1x1.jpg
Péter Fáykiss
Director, Digitalisation Directorate, Hungarian National Bank
danóczy 1x1.jpg
Bálint Danóczy
Senior Specialist for Open Banking - Mastercard
demkó 1x1 .jpg
Zsolt Demkó-Szekeres
Deputy CEO for Development and Digitalisation, Student Loan Center
Pereczes János 1x1.jpg
János Pereczes
Managing Director, MBH Bank
Géza Sebestyén, PhD
Head of the MCC Center for Economic Policy


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