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MCC Feszt - Frequently asked questions


What is MCC Feszt?

The MCC Feszt is a mostly free event in Esztergom, which will take place between 5-7 August, 2021. The last program of the MCC Feszt will end on 8 August at 4:00 am.


What kind of activities will take place at the MCC Feszt?

There will be on-stage discussions on topics of public interest and public affairs, Olympic coverage, interactive exhibitions, as well as popular music concerts and parties until dawn.


Where can I buy my ticket?

You can buy your day pass or 3-day pass online on the MCC Feszt website. You can also buy your pass on-site at the MCC Feszt info point on Széchenyi Square in Esztergom and at the Party Arena. You can redeem your pass for a wristband at the MCC Feszt information point on Széchenyi Square, at Esztergom train station, or at the Party Arena.

Most of the programs are free, only the Party Arena events are payed.


What types of tickets are available?

You can buy a 1-day pass for HUF 2990 or a 3-day pass for HUF 6990.


Why buy a day pass or a 3-day pass?

With the MCC Feszt Pass you can not only attend the Party Arena programs, but also get:

  • free entry to Saint Stephen Baths (Szent István Strandfürdő) for the duration of the validity of the wristband (with a day pass: for the given day, for the entire duration of the MCC Feszt with a 3-day pass)
  • discounts at the catering establishments related to the MCC Feszt
  • free camping at Gran Camping (with a day pass until 10:00 a.m. on the date indicated on the wristband, with a 3day pass until 10:00 a.m. on 8 August)
  • free shuttle from Esztergom train station to the Party Arena for tickets purchased online (on 5-6-7 August between 10:00-18:00, on 8 August between 8:30-11:20)
  • free sightseeing tour by the sightseeing train


When and from where do the sightseeing tours start?

On all three days of the MCC Feszt, there will be two sightseeing train departures per day.

Times: 14:00, 16:00

Departure and arrival location.

Running time: approximately 30 minutes


How long are the discounts for the MCC Feszt Pass valid?

For day passes, you can get free bath entry, sightseeing tours and discounts at various restaurants on the date for which your pass is valid. If you camp, please leave the campsite by 10:00 the next day.


Where can I exchange my pass for a wristband?

  • If you are coming by train, you can get your wristband at the train station in Esztergom, where you can also take the free shuttle
  • At the MCC Feszt info point on Széchenyi Square
  • At the Party Arena


How can I get to the MCC Feszt?

If you arrive in Esztergom by train, you can easily reach the MCC Feszt area by our shuttle service from the railway station (on August 5-6-7 between 10:00-18:00, on August 8 between 8:30-11:20)


Where can I park?

In addition to the designated parking spaces in Esztergom, there is a parking lot at the Party Arena during the day, so you can also park there.


Can I bring my pet to the MCC Feszt?

If complying with the legal requirements, yes, nonetheless pets are not allowed in the Party Arena.


Do I need a vaccine certificate to enter the events?

The MCC Feszt programs are open to visitors with a vaccine certificate. Therefore the organizers may request a vaccine certificate and the associated proof of identity (ID card or passport) by.


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