Leadership Program

The Leadership Academy of MCC is the final phase of the University Programme, which provides its participants a vibrant, international learning atmosphere, belonging and community, and practical knowledge-based challenges in order to improve their skills.

During the 2 year-long programs, we aim to ensure that our students become a member of a network that lasts a lifetime and build a competitive advantage in the employment market. We encourage students to invest not just in themselves, but also to influence their environment, and serve a greater cause.

Festival programs:

-Kahoot Quiz The lucky one can try VR and lifting Jedi stones

- How good a driving test you are

- Flow eggs

- Focus board game

- VR system: participants try to lift Jedi stones on planet Tatuin in a flow state

- Rapid regeneration measurement with Firstbeat: rapid test with heart rate variation measurement and evaluation, advice

- Mind-Gym device



We reserve the right to change the program.

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