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More than twelve thousand visitors attended the first Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) festival in three days.

The MCC Feszt in Esztergom featured a series of concerts and exciting public, cultural and sports discussions.

Eight venues and six stages in the heart of Esztergom hosted a wide range of events, which turned into a veritable cultural cavalcade between 5 and 7 August. Over the three days of the event, visitors had the opportunity to listen to the ideas of around 100 speakers on exciting topics such as the state of social media, the future of the European Union, the relationship between artificial intelligence and human nature, or the last ten years of Hungarian football. In addition to the experts from Hungary, a number of renowned foreign speakers took to the stage, including the American broadcaster Tucker Carlson, whose presentation was attended by more than 500 people. Very popular were the political commentator Dennis Prager, also from the US, and the Indian-born geopolitical futurist Abishur Prakash.

The event also gave visitors an insight into MCC's full range of training courses, as well as the programs of the exhibiting partner organizations. Balázs Orbán, Chairman of the MCC Board of Trustees emphasized the community-building power of the 25-year-old talent development institution and said that young people today wanted not only to have fun but also to have intellectual experiences and to gain an international perspective on current world events. The first MCC Feszt organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium with the intention of creating a tradition was a great opportunity for them to do so.

Due to the continuous intellectual and institutional development, from September this year, the MCC training courses will be available in 14 locations in Hungary, and in a total of 23 locations throughout the Carpathian Basin. As a result of these developments, over the next 5 years, around 10,000 young people will be able to join the Collegium's programs, from the upper grades of primary school to the end of university studies and even beyond. Hungary's largest talent development institution is expecting a lot of development and innovation in the new academic year. This year's opening ceremony was different from previous ones. The event was held on 9 September, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the British historian Niall Ferguson addressed the audience.

Reports and other useful information about MCC Feszt can be found on the talent center's Facebook page and website.